Celadon Road: Your Path to a Greener Life

Celadon Road is a unique at-home party company dedicated to promoting greener, healthier, and more socially responsible living. We offer the highest quality natural, eco-friendly, and organic products for your family, your home, your pets, and your everyday needs. The bottom of this page shows a few pictures of the hundreds of Celadon Road products.

At Celadon Road, we inspire people to discover and explore their own shade of green and to purchase with a purpose. Through each of us doing our part, we can make the world a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable place for now and for years to come.

To shop from my Celadon Road website, go to www.PPL-CR.com.

Click “Shop Online,” and enjoy!

What kinds of products do we offer? Our Celadon Road website is organized into categories:

  1. Relax: Skin, lip, and hair care products for women (see Relax product ingredients here)

  2. Nurture: Gentle and fun necessities for baby

  3. Grow: Fun and educational gifts for childhood

  4. Clean: Housecleaning and laundry (see Clean product ingredients here)

  5. Bark: Dog toys and pet beds

  6. Create: Fair trade journals for inspiring your own creations (“fair trade” means that fair prices are paid to artisans in developing countries for the products they make)

  7. Decorate: Home decorating

  8. Entertain: Tabletop gifts for entertaining

  9. Move: On-the-go products for carrying your “green” with you

  10. Live: Recycled and upcycled jewelry (by the way, “upcycling” means to take something of little or no value and repurpose it into something with more value, like turning a scrap of coconut bark that has fallen from a tree into a bead for jewelry)

  11. Groom: Personal care products for men

Would you like to host a Celadon Road party in your home? Here is an example of one month’s  Hostess Specials (they change every month) and the current Signup Special. Scroll down for information on Celadon Road Hostess Rewards and on starting your own Celadon Road business and for a look at some Celadon Road products.

Monthly Hostess Specials

Signup Special

Celadon Road Hostess Rewards

Start Your Own Business with Celadon Road!
It’s easy and fun, and it’s a great way to make money while you help improve lives. Here’s how:
Go to www.PPL-CR.com.
Click “Join My Team” to become an Independent Consultant.
Have your credit card handy to get the Starter Kit for $150 (valued at $350) or the special Starter Kit for $99. The kit includes a wide assortment of Celadon Road products, as well as catalogs and order forms.
After you sign up, you’ll get all kinds of support from us, from our upline Amy, from her upline Chanelle, and from Celadon Road corporate. You’ll have so many resources: conference calls, Facebook group pages, a training booklet, and one-on-one help.
You’ll also have access to our Virtual Office that allows you to place orders and track sales and commissions. For $10 per month, you’ll have a beautiful website with a shopping cart, where you and your customers can shop. From your Celadon Road website, you’ll be able to download marketing tools, training manuals, and other valuable information for you to use in your business.
In addition, we have a beautiful newsletter for customers and prospects, called Purely Speaking. It’s a great free marketing tool. Just add your contacts, and corporate does the rest! We also have an internal newsletter called Dream Green, which is for Celadon Road consultants only.
Finally, Celadon Road gives back to the community. Celadon Road donates one pair of new shoes to Soles4Souls and plants one tree with Trees for a Future Inc for every party hosted. What a great feeling to know you are giving back to areas in need! And Celadon Road donates 1% of your yearly sales to the charity of your choice!

If you have questions about the products or the Celadon Road business opportunity, please call Rebecca at 937-436-5788 or 513-779-8934. Or email Rebecca.

A Quick Look at a Few Celadon Road Products

Here’s a sample of the products you can see on www.PPL-CR.com. To find out more about one of these products, go to that site, click “Shop Online,” and put the item number of the product in the Search window. Then press Enter.